Psychic Clairvoyant Astrologer
23 Years Experience Helping People Make the Most of Exciting,
Life Changing Astrological Cycles!
Wendy Carol has been a nationally published astrologer and consultant for over twenty-three years. She is the author of numerous popular horoscope booklets and three Mini-Mags, two including An Astro Guide to Healing Herbs and Get Rich for the New Millennium. Her book The Nuts and Bolts of Running an Astrology Practice is one of the American Federation of Astrologers’ most in-demand titles.

Wendy has also done horoscope readings for pets. Her readings have helped pet owners gain insight and understanding to their most trusted friend’s behaviors and needs.

But what Wendy is truly great at, and what makes her the happiest, is helping people take advantage of what she calls Special Astrological Cycles or Extremely Lucky Days that can bring them more money, new love, career success, and happiness of every kind.